Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dorito's - Fight for the flavor!

Hey guys. I was online today and I found an awesome and hilarious website. There is a
Fight for the flavor between these two enthralling Doritos in the video below. The Doritos are two bold flavors that just can not seem to get along anymore. They started out as the best of friends and ended up becoming worst enemies when the competition became too much. These two bold flavors ended up fighting against each other in this wrestling match to the end. At the end of these ridiculous videos, there will be a final winner of the videos and this flavor will be declared a real Doritos flavor. I like the embedded video the most because it was the first episode. It tells about the reasons why they became friends and what they did like ride bikes and have fun being friends. It is an awesome website and they have quite a ridiculous campaign going on with these great videos. You guys really will love watching these videos. They really are entertaining and you will surely get a laugh out of them! On the Doritos fight in insane settings and will fight to the death. You guys will love this site. Check it out!

This is a sponsored post.

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