Thursday, May 3, 2007

Online Game

Hey guys. I was on the internet this morning and I came across a site that I know my brother will just flip over and I thought I should pass it on to you all.
RPG Tower Defense is a newly launched shockwave game called RPG Tower Defense. Though it has indeed launched, it still is continuing to improve. Here is some background on the workings of this shockwave game that is sure to be had by all. The object of the game is to build human, elf, and dwarf towers to then take down trolls, goblins and orcs, all very unique creatures, as they run through multiple paths. This reminds me of some of the many RPG nintendo games that my younger brother so often gets hooked on. As you have this mission, you have the need to complete and therefor end up spending time on the game trying to complete your task. I do really love the way this game is set up. Very cleverly done guys. Now back to the object of the game. Each tower in the game, can be equipped with up to five different elements and can be upgraded by placing it near upgrade towers. Keep in mind there will be more to come, Iguess that we will all just have to stay tuned for some of the other elements in the game. For instance, the supply paths and more importantly, the RPG elements of the game. For any of you gaming nuts out there, my brother included, this game is sure to take off. Very well done and a game that will keep its players attention for hours at a time. Check out the site. It is easy to navigate on and can explain even more as to the workings of this great new game.Add them to your favorites as I plan to do and pass the word about them to others. This is a great game that many of us will have hours of fun with.
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