Tuesday, May 1, 2007

To be Continued...

Anyway, so I just got home from my brother's school thing. Had to run to my car in high heels, a skirt and tights (no jacket or hood) in a thunderstorm. I assumed it would stay nice out like it was when I went in, but BOY was I wrong.

So we were there for over 3 hours and I was worried out of my mind that I had to do tons of work in the morning... And now it's so late and I don't have the energy to do my homework :(.

So I'm waking up at 5AM and working for a good couple of hours on homework.
Should be a fun morning... Not.

But my Dad gave me 100 dollars the other day to put into whatever stocks I want. I don't know which one I'm going with yet, but I'll sure let you guys know what i decide on.

Oh and tomorrow I have an interview for a summer job at Cinemark, the Best Seat in Town. Wish me luck!

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