Friday, February 23, 2007


Hey Guys. Well I was online checking out websites in which I could possibly find things that would help me with my future small business. Remember guys, I am planning to open a bookstore! Well I found this awesome website, IBackup - Online Backup, and it is a leading online backup and storage solution for my bookstore. This should really help out and it will help me to keep track of everything. I really loved visiting this site and got a lot of insight on how to set everything up. It is VERY easy to understand and navigate through. You guys will love it. Check it out.

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Rainbow said...

For the past one month, I was searching for a dependable online solution to backup a great deal of files I had downloaded on to my machine. There were pictures, music files, videos among the files that I wanted to back up.

I tried Carbonite, but it placed restrictions on uploading files bigger than 2GB. That did not suit me. Then I turned my attention to MediaMax. It offered me a large space free but in turn placed restrictions on download ! I can’t download more than 1GB a month. I abandoned that also.

Finally, I downloaded IBackup as it looked like a user-friendly online backup solution. I was delighted to find that it does not impose any limit on uploads or downloads. It gives me the freedom to share big files with others.

I can just use an FTP to transfer my files and folders.I can share files and folders with others by creating sharable links and emailing the links to others.

I can also use IBackup to backup/restore all my photos and media files. What's more,I can access the contents of my account through a browser from anywhere in the world and upload new files, delete files and change files to a different folder.

I thought IBackup was just another online backup solution but I was wrong. IBackup is data management tool.

- Tina



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