Monday, March 12, 2007

dog collars -

Being an avid runner with a dog, I am always looking for a website where our common loves collide. is the website that has it all! I love sports and this website has licensed professional sports dog collars!!! I love football and I can not wait until my German Shepherd has everything that she could possibly want, you know, a dog collar with her favorite team on it! (Exactly what any dog would want). I am going to buy a collar for my dog right away. She is going to love it. She loves getting new collars, and I just know that she will know it's her favorite team and will love it! Also this website is running an awesome promotion. You can get a FREE dog collar if you create a Google Checkout Account and use it to purchase your collar. This is because Google gives you $10 off your first purchase and the dog collars are ONLY $10!!!

This is a sponsored post.

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