Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heartzine Magazine

Hey guys. I was on the computer and I came across a site that may be of interest to some of you, so I decided to pass it on.
The Heartzine Magazine is celebrating its second birthday this month.Happy birthday to them. An undertaking they should be proud of. Since the crew at this magazine began planning and preparing the site in March 2005, the site has grown to become an important source of news and information related to cardiac health. I think everyone of us either knows someone or maybe deals with cardiac issues themselves.
The site offers a combination of regular news updates, general descriptions aimed at the general public which are those trying to learn about their condition and specialist articles. This site just has so much to offer. A true wealth of information is available.
A regular in the magazine is their cardiotoon, a cartoon showing the lighter side of heart disease. It has been a regular feature on the site since November of last year. Each cartoon features something comical to take the readers mind off what can be a very serious and depressing condition. It tries to give a humorous side, if only for a brief moment. This magazine is awesome.Please be sure to check it out.
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