Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Golden Donkey

Hey guys. I was on the internet this morning and came across a site that I thought I would pass on to you.
blog marketing is a site dedicated to Ted. You all know him, the guy from PayPerPost. Well Ted is giving away a very special award. It is the Golden Donkey award. Very unusual award, I must say. He is going after Dave, a guy who is bright , according to Ted, but at the same time he is compelled to rant about posties. His complaints have no real merit, so Ted feels he deserves this Donkey Award. Clever right?
According to the site, here is what Ted had to say about these Donkey Awards, In the back of my head I have a little trophy shelf. On it sits about 20 trophies, each in the shape of a small golden donkey. Every time I see someone going off on PayPerPost without the facts they get a nomination, and those who continue to rant may eventually win the prestigious Golden Donkey. I think this is a riot. Good job Ted.
If I had one of these awards, they would be given to one of my brothers. They can drive me crazy at times and boy would they deserve one. Yeah, especially my brother Chris. He is older than me and what a handful. If he thinks he is right, that is it, no matter what, he is right. Yeah sure Chris, you do deserve the Donkey Award. I still love you though.
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