Friday, March 16, 2007

Good News for Audio Books

Ever wish you could have a book immediately, but you don't want to go out in, let's say a snow storm (it's really snowing here right now), to go buy the book? Well I was online checking out where I could get a great book without leaving the comforts of my home, and I believe I FOUND IT! is the best place to go for audio books online. This is even better, in my eyes, than a library. You have the books right at your fingertips. Anything you could imagine wanting, it's right there. It is such a great site. The website is very easy to navigate. The greatest thing about audio books is that you can enjoy the convenience of having your audio books shipped directly to your front door or you can learn more about downloading. To download and listen on your PC, all you have to do is burn it to a CD or transfer them to your digital player. It is so easy to download. You could be able to enjoy your new great audio books in five minutes or even LESS! You also get a free download of the month, every month! Nicolette H. from British Columbia, Canad said "I just wanted to say that I love this service and am very impressed with the prompt attention and availability of the books. Thank you very much!" If you see a title that interests you and then click "add to shelf" after you are logged in, and you have joined the Rental Club, the book will automatically be on your shelf. At your leisure, you can make sure the books you most want to hear are at the top, by easily editing your list. It's so great. You guys will really love this thing. seriously, check it out!

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