Tuesday, April 17, 2007

1K Tuesday

Hey Guys. I found this website online called Zookoda. It is a great site.
Zookoda is a great site for email marketing.
Here is some background on it. This website is considered the blogger’s complete email marketing solution. Ever publish your blog and think “Wow, people are going to be reading this awesome post all the time!” And then you post something else, maybe something that might not be your best work, and that is the post that everyone ends up reading, because it came first. The problem with this is that there hasn’t been a simple way to tell visitors when they should return to your blog to read some great material. Well, that problem comes to an end with Zookoda. This amazing utilization of email marketing is great to keep your visitors up to date. Although Zookoda is not trying to replace your blog feeds, it is giving visitors an alternative. This awesome site allows you to construct specialized and graphical emails, and it is SO easy! All you have to do is enter your RSS or Atom feed address, pick one of the awesome templates and PRESTO! You’re done! If you don’t like any of the premade templates (which I can’t understand) then you are given the option of creating your OWN template. And the greatest thing about Zookoda’s great website is that it’s all given to the user for FREE! That’s right; everything that you do on the website is completely FREE!!! Check out this website guys. You will just LOVE it!

Anyway, Payperpost will be running this promotion throughout the month of April, every Tuesday there will be $1000 worth of opportunities offered with NO SEGMENTATION! This is great for posties of all PageRanks and Alexa Scores! This is a great promotion and I love it!

This is a sponsored post.


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