Sunday, April 1, 2007

Search Engine Optimization

Hey guys. I was on the computer this afternoon and I came across a site that I found to be very interesting and I thought I should pass it on to you.
search engine optimization is a site that is a pays for performance company. I find it very unique the way it operates and I feel that you will too. According to the site, this is the process. The site offers their client a monthly plan where you the client pays this site, according to how many top ten rankings that they are able to acquire for you, their client in the following search engines,Google, Yahoo and MSN only. These are non PPC. This site will still require an initial set up fee for you to pay them,but after that,the rest of the agreement, which is twelve months in length, is strictly a pay for their performance. A minimum of ten top 10 rankings for you, their client, or that month is free.of charge to you. For those of you interested, this site is awesome and perfect for you. Check them out.
This is a sponsored post.

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