Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey Guys. I was looking online at the classifieds and I found this awesome website called Gainesville Classifieds. They allow the user to sell anything from cars to real estate to pets. And they do it all for FREE! The greatest thing about this website is that the seller has been known to find that his product is quickly sold, which shows the effectiveness of using this website for all your selling needs. Check it out guys.

This is a sponsored post.

Press Release: offers free classified ads for private sellers in the Gainesville and University of Florida area. In contrast with unmoderated sites like Craigslist, employs local editors to maintain quality control for its listings. is part of USA4SALE Networks, Inc., which launched its first site in 1998. The company now has sites serving all of central Florida, including,, and The oldest and largest of the sites,, logged 380,000 visitors in January and boasts a local inventory of more than 10,000 classifieds.

One seller, Matthew Warden, recently described his experience: "Thank you Gainesville4sale! My little dachshund was sold after the first e-mail I received. You guys rock!"

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