Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I just LOVE Beef Jerky. It is so great. For Christmas, my parents got me a machine that will make beef jerky. It is called a dehydrator and it is so awesome. I love it and use it every chance I get. However, even though I love making my own beef jerky, it is incomparable to my favorite kind of beef jerky. Wilson Beef Farms makes the greatest beef jerky in all the land. They have great prices and portions and the flavor is delectable. You guys will love this stuff. It tastes so great and I just love the smokey flavor and smell. My alltime favorite beef jerky that they sell is the BBQ Beef Jerky. It is so delicious. I also love the look of their website. It's so cool to see the wood background and it's so great. I really just love this website and their product and I think you guys will too! The prices are great and it is so nice so read all about the company and how it is basically a home grown home raised company. It is nice to be able to support a company like that. I really love their product and I really think you will as well. Check it out! You'll love this stuff.

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