Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hey guys. My older brother just moved to the Tampa Bay Florida area and he found this awesome search engine site that he was proud to introduce to me. eTraffic Jams is a great search engine optimization or SEO site that is just great. This search engine optimization company is different from all the rest. It has been ranked by all the leading websites such as Google, MSN and even Yahoo. It is so cool because this website has a new and pioneering way of getting ones site recognized. You know how when you are on a website such as google and you type in a search word, right? Well you get TONS of sites, but the most widely known come up first. This is great unless you have an awesome NEW site that does not have as much of a page rank or alexa or anything and therefore; it is about ten pages into the site. Well this search engine is different because it allows the user to pay and bid on their ranking. The highest bidder wins and therefore will have its site recognized. It is a great new idea and will clearly be a huge help to new sites. Check it out guys. You will love this site. It really is a site that I believe will only become more and more popular. My brother, as I said, told me about it and he thinks it is awesome. As I was looking at the site, I found it very easy to navigate on and believe it is a site that you should add to your list of favorites. I know that I plan to do just that. If you desire to increase traffic to your site, then choose this site.

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