Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Awesome Author

SO I am not going to lie, I am really really excited for the 1408 Movie to come out on June 22nd. I really cannot wait to see this movie! I just keep watching the trailer over and over and it seems to get more interesting and complicated throughout. I want to know what happens to his wife. Does she support this? Why didn't she accompany him on his venture. And oh god, could you imagine seeing your DEAD daughter in the one hotel room that they claim is completely haunted? I can not imagine how scary that might be. It looks like such a well done movie. But then again, all of Stephen King's books turned into movies are great! I really love all his movies, although I have never actually read any of the books, and the 1408 Movie is no exception I'm sure. I am so pumped to be able to see this movie. It is so great, you guys should really really check it out!
You guys should really try to check out this movie as soon as you can. The trailer is great and a great way to get a preview of the movie. I know that I can not wait to see this awesome new film on June 22nd.

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