Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Stephen King

Hey Guys. Since I got that job at the Movie Theater by my house, I have gotten really interested in videos. One that I really want to see is based on a book called 1408. Although I haven't read the book, the 1408 Movie seems like it is going to be great. THis movie is about a family who lost their daughter at a very young age. After she died, her father became obsessed with the supernatural and the afterlife. He really seems to want to experience a paranormal event and visits a hotel where he stays in the room 1408, even though he is warned against it. This hotel has been around for 95 years an there have been (so far) 56 deaths in it. That's nuts, however, this doesn't stop the father. It is said that no one has ever lasted more than an hour in the room. The 1408 Movie really seems like it is going to be great. Now that I can see free movies, there is no way that I am going to miss this one! You guys should really try to check out this movie as soon as you can. The trailer is great and a great way to get a preview of the movie.

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