Monday, June 18, 2007

Burn Notice

Hey Guys. I was online checking out USA Network's Burn Notice and I think you guys will find this really interesting. Michael Weston, whom I'm sure you all know is a CIA Operative on USA Network's new TV series, BURN NOTICE, will, on June 28th talk about how he thinks he would survive in a city that is unknown to him with no money or resources. Well, while you will have to wait until June 28th for his input, let me know what I think I would do if I was stranded. If I ever became stranded in an unknown city with nothing to my name. I would probably: Number one. Cry. Scream. WHY ME!? Right? Wouldn't we all? Ok, and then when I got my act together, I would probably start building me a home. Probably out of bamboo (I'm going for a more tropical scene, c'mon I just got back from Bermuda! What did you expect?) So my house would be built (or at least started) and I would surely be hungry, but again, no what would I do? I would obviously have to find a stick, form it into a knife, and hunt. Hopefully I would find a lowly squirrel and be able to call it a night. Although this doesn't seem realistic, it's probably what would happen... If I was in a real city, I would probably grab some kid's guitar and open up the case and play to acquire money (yep, stealing is probably the better way to go). Otherwise, I would possibly beg for a quarter to call my parents and have them wire me a few bucks. Regardless.... I'd try to survive.. How about you guys?

Either way, check out Burn Notice and see what Michael Weston thinks.

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