Friday, June 1, 2007


Hey guys. I was on the internet this evening and I came across a great site that I wanted to pass on to you as I fund it to be very exciting.
police CD is a site all about the police. I think that they are one of the greatest bands around. I saw then when they performed o their last tour. I have not yet secured tickets for their current concert, but believe me, I am working on it. For those of you who have yet to experience the Police in concert, you are really missing a great show. You can especially see all the talent that they possess as they perform on stage. Have you also checked out their newest CD. What a great mix of music.police CD I especially love this collection. I think my favorite member is Sting though. I love the way he sings. His music i just great. I believe my favorite song to be message in a bottle. I think that the rhythm in it is well done. For any of you who have not been lucky enough to see them in concert, I really suggest you check them out. They put on an awesome concert.

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