Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hey Guys! SO I was online today and I must say that I was on a website checking out awesome E Cards. I was sending all kinds of awesome e cards to all of my friends and family. I really enjoy the e cards that have to do with summer. They are so great and awesome. I really think that my sister is going to love the Build A Sandcastle one that I sent to her. She loves cool kinds of cards and I know that she wishes she could be at the beach right now, enjoying herself, so she will just love it (even though she will have to go to work in the morning anyway and not be on vacation like me). I made an awesome e card that I think you guys would just love to enjoy as well, so I plan on embedding it. I love these cards, and I have really utilized this program, but I cannot show you all of the e cards that I have produced, so I will enclose but one. Although I couldn’t figure out how to embed my card here is a way to see my card. You guys should really check out Beaches, it is great and you will love this website. I love it, and I’m sure you will too!

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